Why FAQs Are Essential for SEO and Other Business Goals

FAQs are an essential component of every website. Not only do they give potential customers a place to learn more about your business, they also help to optimize your website for search. Just type in the words “FAQ about… “, and you will see instant confirmation that company’s FAQs to succeed in driving traffic to their websites.

FAQs for SEO Value

FAQs are often an entrance page for your website. That’s an SEO benefit you don’t want to overlook. An amazing number of customers will find you because they typed in “FAQs about… ” I confirmed much of the information I am sharing in the article by searching terms structured around “FAQs.” I had to do some digging to get past the super optimized stuff, but I started discovering some real gems two and three pages down. https://truth.best/frequently-asked-questions/.

FAQs make it easy to double up on your keywords without it being seen as blackhat optimization. Just one more reason you should have an FAQ page. You might want to use a keyword question tool to help you identify questions you may have overlooked.

FAQs for Customer Confidence

But SEO isn’t your only goal in providing FAQs. You want to improve your click through rate for orders. When your site has FAQs, it helps to foster trust. Some would even say it can make you seem more important because it creates the assumption that you actually do receive questions and know how to answer them. While this point is probably exaggerated, FAQs can be an important tool in your arsenal for helping to raise your business click through rates.


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