Duty for Well being and Security in Movie and Tv Making

Movie and Tv, with regards well being and security, in lots of elements of the world has developed so much within the final 20 years after some fairly nasty accidents within the 1980’s. Nevertheless there can nonetheless be a perception that “security” does not apply to artistic trade or a perception that the trade can handle with out security expertise.

There was extra concentrate on these industries by enforcement businesses lately and the industries themselves have developed a robust security trade and strategies – if folks know the place to seek out them dse assessments.


Duty is as at all times outlined by legislation – Movie and TV could use completely different job titles however the important thing tasks stay.

Employer – Manufacturing Firm:

As with all employer the Manufacturing Firm is accountable for the general security of any movie or TV venture. They require the identical primary well being and security procedures as any trade. This Manufacturing firms ought to have:

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